December 19, 2017

Wish to Maintain EV Battery Life Effectively? Try Out These Ways

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is a pride on its own. However, it also involves much care and overall maintenance to ensure the efficiency of the EVs along with the electric vehicle charger & battery. The advanced technology of the EVs makes use of the Lithium-battery packaged which might require a completely different aspect of maintenance in comparison to the conventional gasoline engine types.

If you own an EV and wish to escalate the performance of its battery, then here are some quick tips:

Avoid Deep Discharging: Leaving the electric vehicle charger discharged for a longer period of time might hamper the overall performance of the same. The general principle with respect to giving proper maintenance to the EV battery is to plug it in and charge it whenever you feel the need. It also doesn’t imply over-charging the same. It is all concerned with maintaining a reasonable level of charging of the EV battery.

Do Not Overcharge the EV Battery: As important is to ensure that the battery is not dead, it is equally important to see that you are not overcharging the EV battery. If possible, try going for an electric vehicle charger india that comes with a specific timer that can help you limit the charging intervals. In case you do not have that feasibility, then try charging the battery overnight and then charging around 10-20 percent early morning before leaving home in your EV. As the basic charging principle, you should not let the battery of your EV remain in the fully-charged state for more than 8 hours at a stretch.

Scheduled Extended Storage: In case you are going out on a long vacation or a road trip on your EV, then it is recommended to schedule the storage requirements of your EV in a guided manner. The best suggestion by the EV experts is to leave the vehicle plugged in after setting the charge limit to at least 50 percent charged. It is also recommended to not continuously charge the battery again & again to ensure a longer life of the EV battery.

Maintain the life of your EV’s battery with these pro tips!

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