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Electric-Car Charging

Presently, Sales of plug-in EVs have grown rapidly from 2011 to 2014 due to technology. There are no doubt about it – electric vehicle charging is different from fueling a car with gasoline.


Charger Types

There are many different electric vehicle charging solution standards. We help distinquish between NEMA520, J1772, CHADEMO and others all in an effort to keep up better informed.


Charging Solutions

SolvingEV is a resource dedicated to the expansion and adoption of cleaner vehicles. By providing vehicle charging solution details and maps, users can quickly locate and engage with stations near them.

EV Innovation Takes Its First Steps in India with EVteQ

With the first-ever EV charging solution in Mumbai, India which was launched on 8th November, 2017. The charging solution by EVteQ comes equipped with EVteQ Pro EV
charging unit. Driving forth its innovative technology of Electric Vehicle & its applications, we at, EVteQ, aim towards making Indian population aware about cleaner &
greener India in the coming times.

Features News

EVteQ offers a complete line of
affordable Smart EV Charging
Solution that are:

Plug-in ready

WiFi connected

Smartphone and voice (Amazon Alexa) controllable

Powerful – Level 2 charging up to 18 kW, 75 Amp


Bring Home the Smartest EV Chargers for Your Home

Charge up to 3 times faster than normal EV charging at different charging solution. Through our diverse product range, we aim to offer comprehensive charging solutions for your Electric Vehicles at highly economical rates. Our specialized EV chargers are well-equipped with the rightmost advanced technology features to enhance your overall electric vehicle charging.

Some of the unique features of the EV chargers offered by us include:

• High portability
• Charging your EV three times faster than normal charging
• Built-in security measures
• Waterproof certification
• Certified by industry standards

As the preferred charging solutions for your EV, we help you in providing a complete charging solution both for your home as well as business purposes. We aim to handle everything for you right from the scratch.

You can also go through our innovative range of latest news & articles about EV charging and its applications. We help you get the best possible knowledge about EV and its environment such that you are always on the winning end.

Why EVteQ?


You can trust us with highly reliable and up-to-date information and news about E V technology. The EV technology being new to India, it is important for the first-time users to be aware of this high-end technology.


We are a pioneer in offering highly innovative and technology-oriented information about EV and its applications.


We hold a great level of expertise in offering EV charging through information gathered from some of the leading EV auto-makers of the world.

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