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At EVteQ, we are passionate about the technology of electric cars. Through our high-end knowledge and industry expertise in the field of Electric Vehicles & its technology, we aim to provide you with the same. We aim at enlightening you about the future of green cars and about electric motoring & its benefits. EVTeq is the online platform which helps the online visitors in deciphering about the world of “green cars” and its importance.

EVteQ helps in offering reviews and different kinds of information about electric vehicles along with advice, tips, and much more to the consumers who are going green. We help in keeping the electric vehicle enthusiasts in being in close touch with the latest news as well as specific information that they might need for making an informed buying decision.

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Our Mission

We help in leading a new world of innovation and high-end EV technology by offering relevant information, news, advice, and tips about energy & automation along with connected products & services to help serve our online visitors better. Concerns about increasing levels of global warming and potential dangers to life have forced us to consider the redesigning of the transportation system.

Owing to the need for mass awareness about the same, we aim to take reformative steps towards giving the best in-class information and news about green cars and its technology.

Reach out to for the latest news and information that you need to know about Electric Vehicles and its technology! Help us strive forward to a greener and cleaner world!


Our Services

Devoted EV charging solution or Chargepoints are the most secure, fastest, most reliable and most helpful approach to charge any electric or module hybrid vehicle.

However driving an electric car does not need to be difficult or expensive. You can get the most out of driving electric when you have:

A plug for home or workplace charging

Accounts for public EV charging

A clear idea of the cost and time needed to charge


Vaibhav Barman EVteQ
Vaibhav Barman
Sales & Marketing
Having vast experience and knowledge range in the Sales & Marketing field, Vaibhav exercises his skills & experience into the field of EV Solutions & Development.
Shantanu Mehta -EVteQ
Shantanu Mehta
Shantanu is the Chief Indian Operations for a MNC dealing into electronics and security products and reliable partner of Intelligent Integration n Automation and Security Kart .
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