December 26, 2019

EV Charging Behavior at Work

EV charging station at work place for the employees is great!.

Access to EV charging in the workplace will motivate more people to drive electric vehicles. This will create a situation where more people want to charge than there are charging spots available. In fact by adding more charging spots, there’s a lot we can do to help EV drivers get along at work.

It will pay off if you are an early bird, which turns out to be true when it comes to EV charging. If you reach at the work first, you’ll probably get the chance to plug in right away. If you tend to arrive later your coworkers will surely unplug when they’re done charging so your car can sip electrons.

Plug in only when you need to so that others will also get a chance to charge.

If your EV is being charged with the DC fast charger at your workplace, the session should be monitored closely using the app. Always pay attention when you’re on wait list so you can snag your spot or snooze and make it available to the next person.

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