April 16, 2020

The Perfect Charge to Save Your EV Battery’s Life expectancy

With modern plug-in vehicles, one can simply plug electric vehicle anytime and drive it any way. There are certain tips which should be kept in mind to extend the life of the car batteries.

Avoid 100% charging of the EV: If the batteries are charged to 100% they last only for few years because they are being charged frequently to its maximum capacity. Charging the battery to its maximum capacity will work to its best for that single charge, but it is the worst thing that can be done to the lithium batteries.

Avoid deep discharging of the battery pack: If you let your EV battery discharge completely before recharging, the lifespan of the battery my decrease soon. If you see your battery dipping down to 15% there is a need of charging, so it won’t get any lower or won’t stay low for a long period of time.

Shade for parking: When it’s hot outside, the time required to charge the battery is more than usual. Lithium batteries tend to drain more when it’s hot outside. Its advisable to park the EV’s in shade.

Plan your travel: People tend to charge their EV mostly when they are at home in the night. Actually this is an ideal time to charge. The most important thing is the EV should not be on the charger for too long. Prefer to plug off the charger two hours before you plan to travel. This way, the battery is charged and is not hot for the drive. By doing this the battery life will increase.

Drive Slow: To conserve the energy it is advisable to drive slowly. Sometimes its not possible to drive at a less speed when there is a fast moving traffic. Fast driving can drain the battery speedily, which may require frequent charging.


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