Portable Battery Analyzer

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Battery works as an important part of backup power supply and plays a key role in final guarantee for safe operation of the system. Battery needs to be tested and maintained every quarter or even every month, the test results also needs to be analysed. Internationally portable battery analyzer tester has been widely used in daily battery maintenance. Battery’s Internal resistance have been recognized as important parameters to determine the status of the battery health accurately and quickly.

Portable Battery Analyzer uses big DC current test methods to effectively avoid the interference of the engine room electromagnetic and battery internal capacitance of the battery. Using WINDOWS operating system, more intelligent, 4.3 inch color LCD Screen, intuitive display, touch screen operation, more convenient without the cumbersome keys. Testing battery online, no need to discharge and can test battery’s health status. The test results can be stored and searched, send measurement data to computer through the U disk or network, analyze the test result through a strong background analysis software and generate test reports automatically.


Measuring battery’s health status online, no need to depart battery from battery system to ensure safety.

Using big DC current test method, strong anti-interference ability, high test accuracy repeated measurement stability less than 2%.

One key test, measure the cell battery’s voltage, internal resistance, the connection resistance and capacity between battery.

Measureable 1.2V-12V and other specifications single cell capacity range: 0-6000AH

Using 4.3 inch color LCD display, visually display each single cell test parameters and operations, Using resistive touch screen, set parameter and operation by handwriting.

Built-in large capacity memory capacity, 9999×2000 set of data can be stored, inspection and comparison at any time.

With a USB interface and the internet interface, U disk can be stored directly or download data to a computer the measurement data can be delivered to the network in time, upgrade remotely.

Equipped with a test clip and probe used for a various test environment

With analysis software to analyze the test data, including voltage, resistance, connection resistance and capacity of a variety of charges and generate test reports automatically.

Using large capacity polymer battery- more durable, low power self-consumption, low power consumption, display the remaining capacity of battery through LCD Screen.

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