November 20, 2017

Things to Consider While Buying an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Are you considering to buy an electric car? With the advent of technology, the world is observing major changes in the automobile industry. Owing to the increasing levels of pollution, the automobile giants are turning up to manufacture electric vehicles which run on electricity and not fuel. While buying an electric car or any vehicle, one of the most important components that you need to consider is the electric vehicle charger.

Most of the recent electric vehicles come with an in-built 8-12 amp portable electric vehicle charger. In addition to this, these also come with the supplementary charging cable which allows the users to plug in to any normal wall charging receptacle. When you charge the electric vehicle chargers with these charging cables, you will be able to ensure a minimum of 12-22 hours of fully-charged riding with your electric car.

Size of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station or Cable

Once you have made the decision that you would need a home charging system to recharge your electric vehicle charger, you need to determine the size of the same. The most common sizes that are available out there come as 30A, 240V charger. These charges support maximum of the current electric vehicles and are expected to support the upcoming electric vehicles as well.

Most of the electric vehicles nowadays come with a 3.3kw rectifier. Some of the higher models might be using multiple rectifiers and could use up to 70A at 240V. It is believed that higher the current, the faster will be the charging capacity. Therefore, you need to look more closely on the particular electric vehicle that you will be purchasing.

Considerations While Installing a Home-Based Electric Vehicle Charger Station

Some of the important considerations that you need to look into while installing an electric vehicle charging station at your home might include:

• Age and condition of the given electric panel
• Room for more circuits
• Age & condition of the home wiring

There could be additional factors that can be considered depending on the type of electric vehicle that you purchase. It is recommended to buy an appropriately-rated electric charger for vehicles for proper outdoor installations as well.

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