Sreekanth S.

Sreekanth-S- EVteQ

Sreekanth S. has over 35 years of experience in the R&D (Research & Development) field of the 2-wheeler industry with some of the leading automobile giants like Royal Enfield, Kinetic Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

And Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Penning down his vast knowledge spectrum and experience of the automobile industry, Sreekanth S. aims at carrying forward the automobile industry towards a cleaner & greener future for India through high-end EV Solutions.

Sreekanth holds pride in having over 16 years of immense experience in all the 22 vehicle systems which includes Power Train Sourcing for an entire range of M&M vehicle platforms across various challenging targets like Advance Technology, Optimum Aggregate Cost, Capital Investments, Capacity Building and so more.

This diverse knowledge range helps him develop and implement his keen interest with respect to technology and thus, passionately follows his rapid developments in this space.

Sreekanth S. has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed Karnataka
Regional Engineering College, Mysore University.

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