Wall Mounted Dual 7kw EV Charger

General Details

Wall mounted dual type 2 socket with single phase output per socket providing up to 7kW charging rates. Suitable for all electric vehicles. These intelligent units are managed remotely over Ethernet access to the internet or OCPP service to operate. Ideal for commercial locations,such as car parks, retail and business parks, hotels and fleet depots.


1. Typically found at a workplace or on-street location.

2. Containing Type 2 Mode 3 sockets.

3. Provides 7kw power at 32 amps single phase.

4. OCPP compliant embedded communication system.

5. RFID access, LED static indication.

Max. Input Current 32A
Input Voltage 230v AC
AC Charging Output 7KW
Outlet Sockets type 2 socket and type 2   cable with plug
Environmental Protection IP54
Operating   Temperature – 20°C to +50°C
Operating Humidity To 95% RH Non-condensing
OCPP OCPP compliant
Mounting Wall mount
Status Indication LED status indicator,LCD display
Socket Electrical   compliance IEC 62196-2
Environmental compliance IP55 Protected
Earth Leakage protection Yes
Over current Proection Yes
PRID reader Yes
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Wall Mounted Dual 7kw EV Charger

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