Electricity Uninterruptible Power Supply

General Details
Capacity 1KVA-100KVA
DC input QTY of   Battery DC12V×2cell/12V×4cell/12V×18cell/12V×30cell
Rate voltage 24V/48V/216V/360V
Battery type Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
Ac input frequncy 50Hz ± 5%
phase 1phase/3phase
Voltage   range 220VAC/380VAC ± 15%
By pass   input phase 1phase/3phase
frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Voltage   range 220VAC/380VAC ± 15%
output rated   voltage 220VAC/380VAC ±2%
Rated power 1KVA-100KVA
frequency 50Hz ± 1%
THDi ≤ 5%
Dynamic Response 5%(0%~100% load)
(CF) 3:1
Power factor 0.8
effiency 87%
HMI LCD / touch   screen (optional)
Alarm LED alarm and LCD display text alarm
Transfer time On line 0ms,interactive 4ms,EPS 1s
Noise ≤55db
Dielectric strength 1500 VAC, 1min (input and output)
cooling method Fan forced air cooling
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Electricity Uninterruptible Power Supply

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