DC DC Booster-low Voltage Drive Device

General Details

SETEC patented product-Low Voltage Drive Device to drive solar pump system,

which reduces the cost of solar panels and avoids the danger of DC high voltage.

1. LV40-70 can convert 40v-70v to 240v -420v.

(for 3-phase AC 220v pumps from 0.55kw(0.75HP) to 1.5kw(2HP) output voltage is 6times of input voltage),

2. LV60-90 can convert 60v-90v to 420v -720v.

(for 3 phase AC 380v pumps from 0.55kw(0.75HP) to 1.5kw(2HP)output voltage is 7/8times of input voltage)


LV60 90 low voltage drive device is product specially use for small power solar pump inverter with low current and high voltage. Input voltage is DC60 90V can work normally, output voltage is 9 times of input voltage. Output voltage changes according to input voltage so that solar pump inverter can track the maximum power of PV array. This product has high efficiency. When power is under 200w, the efficiency is under 90%; when power above 200W, the efficiency can reach above 90%. Efficiency increase with power increase, maximum efficiency can reach 95%. Normally, this product

doesn’t need operation and maintenance, normal working only need to connect the input wire and output wire correctly.

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1. Low voltage drive device for solar pump system(Applied for small system)

Currently, among application of 3-phase solar pump system, our inverter minimum DC input voltage is 450V. In order to meet the voltage

of solar pump inverter, many solar panels are needed. In some real application, the power of the water pump is small, and the power of

several solar panels is enough for solar pump inverter to drive the pump.

2. Make sure the DC voltage from solar panel meets input voltage of low voltage drive device. For example, if your pump is 1.5KW, 3phase,380v,match with our inverter 2.2KW(3phase,380v,DC input voltage range is 450v-750v).But the voltage of several solar panels is not enough to meet the voltage of solar pump inverter, so cause using more solar panels.

3. In this case, much power of solar panels is wasted and it makes the cost of whole system very high. Now our company has developed a new

technology to solve this problem. We manufacture low voltage boost device

(Model: LV60-90) to convert low DC voltage to high DC voltage to meet the dc input voltage of solar pump inverter. Meantime, this

new system avoids the danger of high DC voltage from solar panels.

For 1.5kw SETEC solar pumping system

We suggest LV60-90,output voltage is 9 times of input voltage


voc:37.84v1.5kw pump+ 2.2kw inverter+2.5kw solar panels.

10pcs of 250w solar panels

2pcs in one string, total 5 strings

vmp:30.56v*2=61.12v output 9times 550v

( it can meet our SGY2200H inverter’s best working voltage 480v-580v )

voc:37.84*2=75.68v output 9times 681v

( it can meet our SGY2200H inverter’s DC input working voltage 450v-750v )

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DC DC Booster low Voltage Drive Device

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DC DC Voltage Drive Device

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